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Presentations to Groups (Garden Clubs, Community Organizations, Schools, Libraries, etc.)

$225           for an hour and a half, plus a Q & A . Handouts may require an additional charge.

Garden Consultations for Design, or Plant Identification & Proper Care

$150/hr.       (plus $100'hr. for any additional time spent during the consult.)

Includes a sketch with suggestions for design options & any other related information.

Before a consultation, a client may fill out a questionnaire to help determine his or her design style & color orientation. Also,a client may provide pictures of attractive gardens from magazines, books,

or the internet to illustrate styles.

Garden style can also be gleaned during the actual consult.

Pictorial Designs

$250 for 4 Options

This includes measuring the garden area; determining sun, soil, and property requirements; and photographing the area in need.

Suggested plants are then superimposed onto the photos by computer to allow the client to literally picture those plants in place.         

General Rose Care*

For ongoing services: $75/hr. plus expenses for supplemental chemicals/products.

$20 to $50 per plant, depending on size, quantity, and degree of pruning needed.

*Includes removal of leaves and debris from the bases of roses, soil testing for ph, amending soil if necessary, pruning, feeding, and spraying for diseases, insects, and mites.

Three types of spray available:

1. Completely Organic

"Mary's Magic Organic Formula"

Proprietary formulation includes lime/sulfur spray in early spring or All Season's Horticultural Oil; Neem Oil; Copper; Magnesium (Epsom Salt); Tobacco Derivatives; Ivory Soap. Safe for kids & animals after it dries.

2. Limited Chemical

"Mary's Targeted Formulas"

Depending upon specific rose problem/s. As a treatment for existing problems or as a preventative measure. For example, chemical fungicides would be used for disease problems such as black spot. Also, many clients wish to use only fungicides and miticides because insecticides can be harmful to bees and butterflies. In such cases, we could use an organic insecticide.

3. Professional Chemical Treatment

"Mary's Ultimate Formula"

For those who want "show quality" blooms and stems and/or have tried organics to no avail.

Rose /Shrub Spray Treatment

for insects, diseases, mites is $35 to $50 per rose/shrub depending upon size. This includes all special chemicals used.

General Garden Care

$60/hr.              Whatever is needed to make your garden gorgeous! This time includes shopping with you, helping you to maintain your garden, selecting furniture and decor for your "outdoor rooms," watering, weeding, etc.

"Please come by {every week} to take care of my garden. I want it to look nice, but I don't have the time or energy to tend to it."


"I like to work in the garden sometimes, but it's getting too much for me to tend to properly."


"Just make my home look pretty with plants."

Infinite Emails

$75/week Retainer

Need guidance for a special project? Just send me an email or text. We will get back to you with answers the same day!

Container Planting

$45 and up + Cost depends upon size and number of containers.

Special Projects

Anything related to horticulture. Please contact us for pricing.

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