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Frequently Asked or Stated:

"I want to improve my yard Where should I start?"

"How do I take care of my garden...please tell me what to do & when."

"I want low-maintenance plants that are attractive all year."

My budget is $ (such and such). What can you or I do for that amount of money---to get the most bang for my buck."

"I know nothing/very little about plants. But I want a pretty garden."

"I would love to have flowers to look at; to cut for vases;or to attract butterflies & hummingbirds."

"We just bought a house. What are these plants? "

"Can you help me create a cottage garden, maybe like this one that I saw in a magazine?"

"I have critters eating my plants. Help!"

Daylilies are wonderful: problem-free, varied, reliable, and ever-growing!

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