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Late March, It's Time To:


It's Time to:

1. Prune your roses to 18" or so.

2. Scratch in fertilizer, such as Rose Tone , around the base of the rose. Also, sprinkle Epsom salt around the base to encourage new canes to emerge from the base.

3. Spray Neem Oil on roses and on the ground to help prevent diseases, insects, and mites.

4. Begin to clean up your garden beds to help eliminate insect and disease problems.

5. Prune your ornamental grasses to 6" or so. You will see new growth emerging; don't cut into this.

6. Prune butterfly bushes to 16' or so. This encourages more flowers.

7. Feed your acid-loving plants with Holly Tone. These include hollies, azaleas, evergreens, and hydrangeas. A complete list is on the bag.

8. Take photos of your garden. This is a good time to review shapes and textures. And seeing photos allows you to be more objective.

9. DO NOT prune anything that blooms in the spring, for example, lilacs, some clematis, azaleas, and rhodes.

10. Feel overwhelmed with your spring gardening chores? Work on one garden bed or one section of your yard at a time.


Any questions? Just let me know!! I love talking plants.     MM

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